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Vape Capsule

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Vape Capsule is the first waterproof, crushproof, lockable travel case with a customizable foam insert for your e-cigarettes, expensive mods, batteries and e-juice. Made of modern, state-of-the-art materials that include a strong recyclable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic plus 5% GF (Glass Fiber reinforced ABS resin) making an extremely tough outer shell able to withstand temperatures as low as -4° Fahrenheit and up to 176° Fahrenheit. Our custom foam interior is made up of 2 different foam inserts for the top and bottom. We know your new expensive Vape purchase and accessories shouldn’t be rattling around so we include a full customizable “pick-and-pluck” foam bottom to allow for everything to have a place within our cases. Then we add on top a firmer EVA foam so when the top of the case is closed, it snugly holds everything down without the fear of anything becoming loose in your travels. One last thing, it floats! So if you do drop it in the lake, pool or even the tub, you can easily get your Vape Capsule!

Waterproof up to 100ft 
Crushproof - Can handle the weight of a 2-ton truck
Customizable Interior

Dimensions: 8.8"x 5.1"x 1.8"

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